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TrueHoop New Orleans 2008



New Orleans' may well have the richest culture of any American city. The city alone is a mighty challenge to describe. It's even more nuanced now, at this moment in history as the Big Easy struggles to find its feet while recovering from the worst natural disaster in American history. Drop into the middle of that the multi-faceted nuttiness of the All-Star Game -- all those events, parties, and madness on and off the court. It's more than any one blogger can begin to cover.


So let's do it together. Here on this wiki, let's assemble, throughout All-Star Weekend, all of the best articles, blog posts, video, and original anecdotes about what's happening in New Orleans. If you're from New Orleans, and have a story to tell about having the All-Star game in your city, please share it here. If you find a great article or video about New Orleans, this is the place for it.


Basically, I am hoping that with your help this can become a go-to resource of the best real New Orleans information as All-Star Weekend rolls on:

Media Tales of Post-Katrina New Orleans


  • New Orleans writer Chris Rose on playground basketball after Katrina. Rose is a Times-Picayune columnist who, during and after Katrina, did a masterful job chronicling life in the city. His efforts have been assembled in the book "1 Dead in Attic." Here's an excerpt from a story about playgrounds:
      I was shooting hoops when two little kids rolled up and asked if they could play with me. Some older kids were playing at the other end of the court and it's a free country so I said yes even though what I really wanted to be was alone and banging the ball hard and working up a sweat and forgetting everything about Alcede and what they did to the playgrounds in this town.


      But what are you going to say? Scram, kids?


      One of them was slender and quiet, said his name was Shea, or something like that. The other kid, full of vinegar -- but with a set shot to match his trash talk -- introduced himself to me as Shaquille O'Neal.


  • Rick Steves talks New Orleans with the author of the Lonely Planet guide to the city.
  • After Katrina: A series of audio essays from National Public Radio. 
  • Excellent SLAM coverage of the Hornets and New Orleans.
  • http://www.blognetnews.com/new_orleansla/ -- It is an aggregation of the local New Orleans blogosphere edited by Greta Perry of KissMyGumbo.com.
  • http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/sonics/2004173389_soniglance09.html  -- Seattle Sonics fans are fed up with the notion that they don't love their team enough to keep them in Seattle.  They plan to fly an airplane banner in New Orleans during All Star Weekend to raise awareness around the Sonics threatened departure.  All of the Hornets fans should take notice -- your team could be the next one to try to move away from your fair city.   Cheers from Seattle!  Everyone, have a wonderful All Star Weekend!!  Wish I could be there with you. Additional news on this effort:  http://blogs.thenewstribune.com/sonics/2008/02/07/airplane_banner_planned_for_all_star_wee. Media folks:  if you're reading this, please get a TV camera on our banner - we need all the coverage we can get! 

    Hey NBA All Star fans - we need footage or images of the Sonics Airplane Banner we flew yesterday in New Orleans... anyone got 'em?  Please send 'em over to me at sonicsfansunited@yahoo.com.  Thanks!! 


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